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The Perfect Proposal

Updated: 2 days ago

Engagement Season. Notice both words are capitalized because, yes - it is a real thing. Coinciding with the Holiday Season from November to February... It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Are you surprised? Maybe not so much here in the North East because we watch every year as love unfolds with the seasons. When we slow down from the Summer hustle, watch the leaves start to fall and appreciate all we have around us.

...and Winter? Don't even get us started. As soon as the Sun starts to set a little earlier and the temperature drops... is there anything better than being cozied up to the one you love?

December 25th is statistically the most popular engagement date of the year. A study in 2022 gathered that 19% of couples were engaged on that date and if you have experienced that Christmas Morning Magic then you know how special it is.

Were you engaged on Christmas Day?

  • Yes, Christmas Morning

  • No, Christmas Eve

  • No, a different holiday

  • No, a different day

If the Polar Express of Christmas Engagements was missed...


You guessed it... the stroke of midnight is another fan favourite. If not kissing someone on New Years Eve gives bad luck in the form of loneliness forever... then proposing at this superstitious time slot must mean something... right? Forever good luck in your partnership and relationship? Forever romance? Forever love? Whatever it is. If you're walking into the New Year with your #1. We're here for it.

The most classic days of love, though... gives much debate. Dubbed a "Hallmark Holiday" by some, but we see nothing wrong with this Engagement Date. The holidays can be hectic and while yes - it makes some of us thankful for those we celebrate with...for some... it makes us deeply grateful for the partners we got through the holidays with... We've seen some couples - for whatever reason - not be able to focus on each-other until Valentine's Day. So yea... if the proposal in on a date that makes us stop and focus on each-other, then Sweetheart, we're here for that too.

... but as we move into the heart of Winter... and should Valentine's Day pass with no ring on your finger... is this the end of the possibility of starting to plan the wedding of your dreams this year? Isn't this that "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff."??? - (rip Kirstie Alley)

Don't fret. We are experts in creating & capturing meaningful moments and they can be had any time of year. Beaches & Vineyards are our faves for wedding ceremonies, but they are also home to some of the most beautiful beginnings of wedding planning. Maybe a farm, a flower field or the city-scape is more your style... maybe it's the two of you... in your favourite spot at home... Wherever your place is - if you need assistance - our team is here to help. With Fully Remote Packages or Plans with extra hands to help execute your vision, there is surely a package that is perfect for you.

So what is The Perfect Proposal? We think it's a personal one. Whatever time feels right. Wherever your heart may take you.

... Check out more of our fave Engagement Songs HERE <3

Forever in love with love,

The Events Team at Belle and Whistle